Our Menu is based on Greek Cuisine. Our focus is on Cretan and Santorinian dishes. These are the dishes that we are mostly proud of.

SaladsStartersMain CoursePasta-Rice

Cretan Salad
cucumber, tomato, onion, green pepper, boiled potato, Cretan cottage cheese, olives, croutons, fresh olive oil, caper, Cretan salt

Pomegranate Salad
spinach, red and green leaf lettuce, spring onions, dill, orange, walnuts, parmesan, pomegranate and balsamic vinaigrette with honey

Pan fried crusted feta cheese

Santorinian white eggplants, oven baked

Pork boneless steaks
orange and honey sauce
served with traditional Cretan jacket potato

Veal fillet
with Vinsanto wine sauce mushrooms and basmati rice

Pork tenderloin (fillet) with cheese sauce
served with basmati rice

Seafood 'Giouvetsi' (risotto-style orzo pasta)
Prawns and mussels, scented with saffron and prawn olive oil

Linguine with smoked salmon, fennel and fresh mushrooms